"I met Karen when my abusive husband got paralyzed and I didn't know where to turn in my life and which way to go. She was the best thing that could have happened to me. Karen was patient and taught me the skills and gave me recommendations so I could make wise decisions and live my life to the fullest and find my happiness again. I had two small boys at the time and had to go back into the work force and was comforted every time that I went to see Karen with life skills that she taught me and confidence that I never really had before. She was a safe place and a listening ear and always kind and caring. I now have an amazing life and truly would not be where I am without seeing Karen throughout those dark times. I feel very blessed to have found a therapist like Karen and would recommend her to anyone!!!"

− Anonymous

"Karen Jensen was recommended to me as a counselor by Dr. Julie Zepp, some four years ago. It was a time of emotional crises for me and so I began a two year journey with Karen. She took me from where I was at, and helped me to define where I wanted to go, and gave me some sound guidance as to how to try new things to achieve my desires. I found her to insightful; able to read between the lines and help me to uncover the things about myself I was disconnected from. She consistently gave me bits of homework to take away and do, and I would then take the results back and we would talk about them. She was loving, supportive and accepting, yet honest, direct and sincere. We shared some hearty laughs which was very helpful when I was depressed and a bit hopeless about change. I benefited from my time with Karen and wish her success and joy as she continues to work with people at the clinic."

− Lou

"Prior to my work with Karen, I was chronically unhappy, plagued by depression and contemplating suicide on a daily basis. Through my counseling sessions with Karen, we were able to uncover the sources of my unhappiness, the triggers for depression and, most importantly, the steps I could take to escape from depression. Our use of The Healing Code was instrumental in freeing me from destructive experiences in my past that were the underlying cause of my depression. Since my sessions with Karen, I am able to lead a normal and fulfilling life, unencumbered by depression. I am able to escape the inevitable and occasional bouts of depression using the tools we developed together in our sessions."

− Fred

"There comes a time in almost every person’s life where it feel like your “stuck”. Whether it be professionally or personally. My journey to counseling started with a simple question… “I think I need some help”. At the time it felt like my progression “to be where I wanted to be” was an eternal process with no end in sight. Looking back it took up such a small part of my life and was worth every second of my time. The counseling process was filled with tears and a ton of laughter; there was even a point that I could hardly wait to share my new perspectives. But once the flood gates opened too recovery I exceeded any expectations I had put out for myself. The process has filtered over to my personal relationships and made my life truly for the better. I am so thankful: That I asked for help cause without that small step I could never be where I need to be. Karen Jensen- the angel in my eyes for introducing me to the counseling process and nudging me along to a wonderful peaceful place.Truly for anyone who is feeling they need help, just take that one small step and the rest will be history."

− TT